Welcome to DI Events | Announcement

Hello everyone! With the New Year on the horizon, exciting times are ahead: D.I Events is coming back! Though it’s laid dormant for a while, it’s ready to rear its head back into the world. We’re thrilled to announce there are many things in the work, all different and unique experiences.

Now, some of you might be asking ‘What even is DI Events?’. Well, we’re our own sector of DI, where we organise Tournaments and Leagues, allowing Esports teams to play in a range of games. But these events aren’t just limited to members of DI! It’s completely open to any team/organisation who wishes to play.

We’ll be moving away from Battle.fy for our Leagues and hosting events on our own website, some of which is currently under construction. It will mean we can stand on our own and create an exiting self-made opportunity for DI Events. Our Bi-weekly Tournaments will be held on Battle.fy however. Currently, we are planning 3 events and aim to begin rolling them out in the new year.

We’ll keep you guys updated with everything going on and by the end of this year, we’ll have announced what Events we have in store.

As for who’s joining the DI Events Staff…

Head of DI Events – Lady Hope (Emma)
She has 3 + Years experience in managing Tournaments in big LANs such as Insomnia and League Fest as well as Esports Team Management and Event organisation in her current Job.

Deputy of DI Events – El Diablo (Amar)
He has a passion for coaching teams and managing them, with 5+ years in LAN tournaments in various games. This has ultimately lead him here, to start an awesome platform where every pro player, or who want to be pro, can participate in and go head to head for greatness.

This staff is expected to grow and we do have positions currently open! (See ‘Open Positions’ on Discord) There will be faces you recognise as well as new people to join. We cannot wait to show you everything we have planned and to grow over the upcoming year, so I hope you’re as hyped as we are on what’s to come.

– Lady Hope (Head of DI Events)