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Fortnite Duos Tournament

Damage Inc: Fortnite

Damage Inc is proud to announce a new series of casual open tournaments to itch your Battle Royale spirit! So what are you waiting for? Go get some building mats, a double pump, and discover the joy that is overpowering the enemy!


Tournaments are run Bi-weekly on Saturday at 14:00 EST, with the first event being on the 23rd of June. They’re Single Elimination format being hosted solely on the American server.

Prize Pool:

There is a potential prize pool if a certain target of teams are met, provided by Damage Inc.

Have any questions or inquiries? Contact us at:


(Interested in Casting? Contact Mr Saiyan#3684  on our discord)

The team behind D.I Events is looking forward to hosting spectacular events and bring the title of ‘Damage-Inc’ in to the fast growing entertainment business that is esports, with events that’ll set expectations high for years to come!