Welcome to DI Events | Announcement

Hello everyone! With the New Year on the horizon, exciting times are ahead: D.I Events is coming back! Though it’s laid dormant for a while, it’s ready to rear its head back into the world. We’re thrilled to announce there are many things in the work, all different and unique experiences. Now, some of you […]

Fortnite Duos Tournament

Damage Inc: Fortnite Damage Inc is proud to announce a new series of casual open tournaments to itch your Battle Royale spirit! So what are you waiting for? Go get some building mats, a double pump, and discover the joy that is overpowering the enemy! Format/Details: Tournaments are run Bi-weekly on Saturday at 14:00 EST, […]

Rocket League Weekly

Hello Players! After the initial success of the League of Legends and Overwatch Open tournaments, we’re going to continue to further increase our reach to more corners of gaming! To do this we’re now going to be hosting Rocket League and Battlerite tournaments, starting this weekend on the 29th April! Further details below.   Damage […]

Overwatch Biweekly Tournament

Damage Inc: Overwatch Hello Hero! Tired of having no support and two ninjas running around not really knowing what’s going on? They’re your friends aren’t they? Well, how about having your two ninja friends running around in a competitive setting with the chance to win cash prizes? Interested? Good! Go and grab your friends and […]