Rocket League Weekly

Hello Players! After the initial success of the League of Legends and Overwatch Open tournaments, we’re going to continue to further increase our reach to more corners of gaming! To do this we’re now going to be hosting Rocket League and Battlerite tournaments, starting this weekend on the 29th April! Further details below.


Damage Inc: Battlerite

Have you ever been interested in showing off your skills? Perhaps you’re interested in taking the next step to improving? Grab your team or friends and have a crack at this 3v3 Bi-Weekly tournament thats open to all!



Tournaments are run Bi-weekly on Sundays at 15:00 EST, with the first event being on the 29th April. They’re Single Elimination format being hosted solely on the US-East server.


Prize Pool:

There is a potential prize pool if a certain target of teams are met, provided by Damage Inc.


Damage Inc: Rocket League

Get those engines checked and the tires pumped, its about to get ferocious on the field as we prepare to start a 5 week long league to determine the greatest drivers! So go grab a friend,  ignite those rockets and have a blast in these 2v2 tournaments! Open to all.



There are 4 qualifiers being hosted every Sunday between the 29th April till the 20th May at 16:00 EST. If you place in the top 4 teams, you’ll then get invited to the finals on the 27th May!

Each Event is Double Elimination format.


Prize Pool:

There is 100 ingame keys up for grabs overall and there is a potential prize pool if a certain target of teams are met, provided by Damage Inc.


Continuing League of Legends and Overwatch

The two events so far have been a huge success, beating our expectations and showing just the start of what can become gigantic. You may see us alter the times or clean up the rules a bit here and there as we discover further ways to improve our events, but we’re glad to see them growing.

The next League of Legends event is on the 29th April and the next Overwatch event is on the 6th May, More information can be found here: League of Legends and Overwatch.

Have any questions or inquiries? Contact us at:


(Interested in Casting? Contact Mr Saiyan#3684  on our discord)

The team behind D.I Events is looking forward to hosting spectacular events and bring the title of ‘Damage-Inc’ in to the fast growing entertainment business that is esports, with events that’ll set expectations high for years to come!