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League of Legends Biweekly Tournament

Damage Inc: League of Legends

Damage Inc is proud to announce a new series of casual open tournaments to itch your League of Legends competitive spirit! So what are you waiting for? Go grab your team, friends, family or even the neighbor’s dog and discover the joy that is overpowering the enemy as a team!



Tournaments are run Bi-weekly on Sundays at 17:00 EST, with the first event being on the 15th April. They’re Single Elimination format being hosted solely on the North American server.


Prize Pool:

There is a potential prize pool if a certain target of teams are met, provided by Damage Incorporated.

Have any questions or inquiries? Contact us at:



(Interested in Casting? Contact Mr Saiyan#3684 at our discord)


The team behind D.I Events is looking forward to hosting spectacular events and bring the title of ‘Damage-Inc’ in to the fast growing entertainment business that is esports, with events that’ll set expectations high for years to come!

Battlerite Open 2018

“Straight from the arena comes an open tournament sponsored by Damage Inc. A truly unmissable event that’ll showcase the ultimate test of wits, strength and coordination teams have to offer in order to prove who are the gods amongst champions.”



  • The Event will last a total of 2 days.
  • Team size: 3v3
  • Both Single elimination and Double elimination formats will be used.


Dates and times:

  • 24th March 17:00 UTC, single elimination tournament that’ll end once there are 8 teams remaining.
  • 25th March 17:00 UTC, double elimination tournament to decide the victors!



  • Damage Inc is sponsoring this tournament with a $500 reward, split amongst the top 3 teams.
  • We’ll also be giving out ingame loot boxes as a bonus.


Want to sign up? Then you can sign up your team on Battlefy!


Have any questions or inquiries? Contact us at:


Come and hang out, enjoy what is to surely be an amazing battle on the 24th/25th March at 17:00 UTC at

The team behind D.I Events is looking forward to hosting spectacular events and bring the title of ‘Damage-Inc’ in to the fast growing entertainment business that is esports, with events that’ll set expectations high for years to come!

Vezzed Seizes Victory Again – Atlas Reactor

Back to back – Vezzed wins again


Damage Incorporated has hosted the biggest tournament in Atlas Reactor history last weekend. The best teams from all over the Atlas Reactor landscape came to compete. Fame, Glory and a cash prize of over $1000 was at stake with teams playing with everything they’ve got. Blood, sweat, and tears has been spilled, but only one team climbed to the top and claimed the title of Champion.


Congratulations to Vezzed for seizing a dramatic victory in the finals against Ragnarok!


Vezzed automatically won the opening round as MFT didn’t show up and went straight into the Quarter Finals. Not even being killed once in their first match, they met S.E.E.S with a 2-0 victory and quickly secured their spot in the Semi Finals.

HotCocks capped off this tournament with a strong performance. They took down LoveBytes in the Opening Rounds and due to F.U.N‘s inability to field a team, they went straight into the Semi Finals after their first win. Ultimately disappointing for their fans, they got aced by Vezzed. With a 3-0 victory Vezzed was on their way to become champion with only one more opponent to go.

Meanwhile, Ragnarok has met Legends and Midnight in respectively the Opening Rounds and Quarter Finals. With a 2-1 victory against both teams they swept their opponents from the table, leaving it up to Imperium to stop their kill-streak. Although polls pointed into the direction of Imperium, they too got taken down with a 3-2 victory by Ragnarok.

Being the last team to stop the winning streak of Vezzed and gazing at the title of Champion, team Ragnarok prepared for an epic best of 5. While it went head to head in the first two rounds resulting in a 1-1 and Ragnarok being the first team to take down a round against Vezzed, they eventually got taken down by Vezzed who seized a 3-1 victory.

Congratulations again to Vezzed. They pulled off a fantastic tournament and went home with not only a lot of in-game Skins, Matrices and Boosts, but also a $1000 prize pool.

Together with the casters PepperTitan, SiegeLord and RestartGaming and staff from the DI Invitational we thank you all for participating and hope to hear from you all in the future.


Atlas Reactor Summer Invitational 2017

Where will you be?

Now the Prep Phase has ended, the Damage Incorporated Atlas Reactor Invitational is heading your way on July 29-30.



  • July 22 (Qualifiers)
  • July 29-30 (Tournament)

Saturday, 29/7

Round 1 – Start time 11am CST
2. The imperium vs 15. Freebooters
6. Cookie Cutters vs 11. Damage Inc
3. Ragnarok vs 14. Legends
7. Midnight vs 10 CCG

Round 2 – Start Time 12:15pm CST
1. Vezzed vs 16. MY Favorite Team
5. Rize Gaming vs 12. S.E.E.S.
4. FUN vs 13. Damage Inc EU
8. Hot Cocks (Team Poland) vs 9. LoveBytes

Round 3 – Start time 1:45 pm CST

Round 4 – Start time 3:00 pm CST


  • Controlled Chaos Gaming
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Damage Inc
  • Damage Inc EU
  • Discoordinated
  • F.U.N
  • Hot Cocks
  • Legends
  • Love Bytes
  • My Favorite Team
  • Midnight
  • Ragnarok
  • Rize Gaming
  • S.E.E.S
  • The Imperium
  • Vezzed


  • Opening Round & Quarter Finals – Best of 3
  • Semi Finals & Finals – Best of 5


  • 1st Place: Damage Inc. Skin variation for winning team’s chosen Freelancers, Champion Citadel Asana Skin, Tournament Champion Title, 80 Loot Matrices (20 per player), 120 GG Boosts (30 per player)
  • 2nd – 3rd Place: Tournament Player Title, 40 Loot Matrices (10 per player), 40 GG Boosts (10 per player)
  • 4th – 8th Place: Tournament Player Title, 40 GG Boosts (10 per player)

$1,000+ prize pool


Come and hang out with the casters live on on Saturday, 29/7 from 11:00 AM CST.

We can’t wait for the teams to battle on the Atlas Reactor landscape and see who rises to claim the title of Champion.