League of Legends Biweekly Tournament

Damage Inc: League of Legends

Damage Inc is proud to announce a new series of casual open tournaments to itch your League of Legends competitive spirit! So what are you waiting for? Go grab your team, friends, family or even the neighbor’s dog and discover the joy that is overpowering the enemy as a team!



Tournaments are run Bi-weekly on Sundays at 17:00 EST, with the first event being on the 15th April. They’re Single Elimination format being hosted solely on the North American server.


Prize Pool:

There is a potential prize pool if a certain target of teams are met, provided by Damage Incorporated.

Have any questions or inquiries? Contact us at:



(Interested in Casting? Contact Mr Saiyan#3684 at our discord)


The team behind D.I Events is looking forward to hosting spectacular events and bring the title of ‘Damage-Inc’ in to the fast growing entertainment business that is esports, with events that’ll set expectations high for years to come!