Overwatch NA | Tournament

Introducing Overwatch NA to DI Events

We’re happy to announce we’re bringing a NA Bi-weekly Overwatch Tournament to DI Events. So grab your team and sign up, experience Overwatch in a truly competitive environment. 

Format / Details

This will be a 6v6 Single Elimination format and hosted on NA. The Tournament will begin on the 2nd of March 17:00 EST and run every 2 weeks from then on. Sign-ups begin 2 weeks beforehand and will close 30 minutes before the event is due to begin. To sign up, head here for instructions.

Prize Pool

1st Place: $30

Rules can be found here, please note these will be updated to the current patches and competitive scene, so please re-check them before the Tournament starts.

We will also be creating highlight reels of the Tournament. You can use our awesome partner Medal TV to snap your worthy or funny moments, send them in to us using the Medal TV Discord Channel and end up on the Livestreamed segment!

We look forward to hosting these events with you and adding more in the near future, don’t forget to join our Discord for the latest updates and to give feedback!