Rocket League Bi-Weekly Tournament

Damage Inc Presents:
Bi-Weekly Rocket League Tournament

We are more than happy to announce our first Bi-Weekly Tournament of Rocket League, here on DI.Events.

If you’re looking to have fun for 1-2 hours and the chance to win cash prizes, you are more than welcome to join the world of DI.Events.
There is no ranking requirement and teams of all skills can compete against each other.

This Bi-Weekly Tournament will grow in time, for now we will stick with 8 teams though


Tournaments are run Bi-weekly on Sundays at 8pm CET (7pm GMT), with the first event being on the 24th of March 2019. They’re 3v3 Single Elimination format being hosted solely on the European servers.

Prize Pool:

There is a 30$ prize pool if a certain target of teams are met (8) provided by Damage Inc.


Selected Matches will be streamed and casted at

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You can use our awesome partner Medal TV to snap your worthy or funny moments, send them into us using the Medal TV Discord Channel and end up on the Live-streamed segment!
IF you require any help or have questions you can also join our Discord and ask the staff for any help you may require.

We look forward to hosting these events with you and adding more in the near future, don’t forget to join our Discord for the latest updates and to give feedback!

The team behind D.I Events is looking forward to hosting spectacular events and bring the title of ‘Damage-Inc’ in to the fast growing entertainment business that is esports, with events that’ll set expectations high for years to come!