Rules & Guidelines

Please note: When participating in a DI Events Tournament or League you accept to having read, comply with and understand these rules and guidelines. 

General Eligibility

Player Age

  • Players must be aged within the permitted range dictated by the relevant advisory regulation boards – for example, a player under the age of 12 may not enter an Overwatch tournament due to the PEGI Age Rating of 12+

Team & Staff Structure

  • Each team should have a member acting as team captain. The team captain is responsible for communication between their team and their opponents, as well as communication to Admin.
  • The Tournament Organiser has authority over the operations of the tournament, the Admins will often settle disputes or clarify rules.
  • In rare cases the Admin will define rules that must be adhered to that have not been pre-written or included here, these changes will be announced and made clear as soon as possible and should be treated as any other rule, written or otherwise would be.
  • The Admins decisions are final.

Failure to Attend

  • Teams must be ready to play at the scheduled times.
  • Up to 15 minutes may be used if difficulties occur in regards to getting players in-game. If it is likely a team is either going to be late or miss the scheduled start time then the team’s captain must report the fact to the Admins via pre-approved discord channels. (DMs or other platforms of communication are not acceptable)
  • In the case of technical issues, the Admin will make a decision and relay the decision to each team.
  • The Admins decisions are final and shouldn’t be disputed openly. In the case of any queries, or if additional relevant information should arise, the team’s captain must contact the representative as soon as possible.

Team Restrictions

  • Matches should be played with a full roster each game. In the case of one player being absent and there being no nominated substitute or replacement player, the affected team must either play one player down or forfeit the match.
  • In the event of more than one player being absent a default forfeit will be issued.


  • In the event of a player being disconnected from the game within 60 seconds of a game starting, the match will be restarted and played under the exact same conditions (i.e. map, side, characters must all be identical).
  • Further disconnects must result in a paused game, during which the affected player(s) must reconnect as quickly as possible.
  • Each team is given a tentative 5 minutes of pause time per game if a team requires additional time a team captain member must contact and inform the Admins, who may make a judgement call regarding the match remaining paused/being unpaused.


  • Each team has the right to pause the game for a short duration if a player announces it at least three seconds in advance and calls a coherent reason.
  • The game must not be resumed before both teams agree with it.
  • A team is seen to agree when any one of the players from that team states that they are ready.
  • The absolute longest a game can be paused is 10 minutes, at which point the game MUST be resumed, except at the discretion of the Admins

Teams may only pause the game if:

  • There is a major issue to solve
  • There are no major fights underway
  • After the game is paused, the opposing team must be notified for the reasons for the pause
  • Any disputes should be handled between the teams during the pause
  • If there is any kind of unfair conduct, teams must make a screenshot and, after the game is over, alert an adjudicator in command of their round

Reschedules & Delays

  • Team captains are required to give at least 1 hours notice to their scheduled opponent and inform the Admins if they cannot field a full team for a fixture.

Team Changes

  • Players may not make substitutions during a map. Substitutions are only permitted during map changes or between matches.
  • Any substitutions must be announced to the other team before the start of the next map or game (where relevant).
  • All substitutes must be registered with the team before the Tournament begins.

In-Game Rules


  • All games are required to be played on the relevant game servers and accounts.


  • In the event of any client, PC or connectivity instability, players must inform their team captain as soon as possible. The decision of whether to restart a match lies with the Admins, who will be contacted by the team captain if a decision must be made.
  • If a player believes that an opponent has violated a rule during play, the player should notify their team captain as soon as possible, who will then advise further actions that should be taken (if any).
  • If the rule violation is confirmed and is severe enough the Admins should be contacted by the team captain who will make a decision regarding what actions should be taken.
  • Any complaints must be made before the beginning of the next match, delaying raising the issue will result in no actions being taken to rectify the said issue.
  • Players should spend time before their first match of each game-day ensuring their hardware is working, game-ready and fit-for-purpose.


  • Should a player purposely attempt to sabotage the games or another player’s performance in any way, the player will be immediately disqualified and banned from competing for the remainder of the Tournament.
  • Hostile, toxic or abusive behaviour towards other players, casters, staff or viewers may result in disqualification.

Bugs and their Misuse

  • Abuse of bugs is expressly forbidden.
  • Mechanics or instances that are “bug-like” are permitted. Usually, this is defined as being events that happen through normal gameplay, or through manipulation of normal mechanics.
  • Bugs are typically defined as an issue with the game that grants an unfair advantage, including (but not limited to) pixel-walking, traversing map boundaries or exploiting game code/logic to alter normal game mechanics’ effects.
  • In the case of any serious bugs occurring, the game should be immediately paused.
  • The team captain should consult the game rulebook to determine the next course of action, in some cases, or in cases where there is not a pre-established rule the team captain should contact the Admins for further clarification.

Observers and Streaming

  • No spectators other than pre-approved streamers or staff are allowed in any tournament games.
  • If a team coach wishes to spectate and record matches for personal/team review purposes – the screen / pc must not be visible to playing teams and cannot be used to give coaching advice or information during a match.
  • Players may not watch or listen to any streams of the tournament while playing, this includes the use of any tool that hooks into game APIs or data such as scorebots or gameplay analysers (for example Visor, and Pursuit, or’s live scorebot).
  • Players found to use 3rd party tools in this way may be disqualified, and their team’s current game forfeited.
  • If you wish to broadcast your games on your personal streaming account we advise a 3-minute delay. Also, you must have ‘DI Events’ in the title of your stream.

Score Confirmation

  • Both team captains are required to report their team’s scores within 5 minutes of the game finishing, regardless of whether they win or lose.
  • If the captain is unable to report the score through the usual channels they should notify the Admins and report their score directly.
  • Each player should screenshot the game completion screen in order to prove their victory in the event of a match dispute.
  • Teams caught falsely claiming a victory is unacceptable behaviour and the team may be disqualified from future games.

Allowed and Forbidden Software

  • Voice communication tools such as Discord, Ventrilo, Mumble and TeamSpeak are allowed.
  • Overlay options that come packaged with VOIP tools are not, for example, OverWolf or Discord’s overlay must be disabled before games start – team captains are responsible for ensuring these preventative measures are taken.
  • Tools that hook into game APIs, inject into Dynamic Link Libraries or read visual screen data (for example Visor or Pursuit for Overwatch) are strictly disallowed, as they can offer advantages to players (for example automatic tracking of objective or ability timers, or in some cases automatic gameplay).
  • Players may not install or use any external software or hardware that interacts in-game, or any form of modification that alters the game or allows a player to execute automatically more than one in-game action, or any configuration file unless expressly authorized in advance by head office.
  • The use of these tools will result in the offending player being disqualified from future games and the involved team forfeiting their game(s).

Account Use

  • Players are required to use the game account(s) they registered when they signed up to the tournament.
  • Player names are expected to be suitable for the environment they are being used in, profanity, slurs or otherwise unacceptable display names are prohibited and anyone found to be using a name deemed unacceptable the Admins will be asked to change it – if changing display name is incurs monetary cost the player is responsible for the cost, DI will offer no compensation in this case.
  • If in doubt please ask a member of staff whether your display name will be allowed or not.
  • Clan tags and any display pictures/avatars are included in this ruling.
  • If for some reason, players are unable to use the account they registered, or if they change their identifiers (such as account/display name) their team captain must be informed as soon as possible, who will pass on the changes to their opponents before the match starts.
  • Should players be found to use a different account, or to have changed the name without advance warning their team runs the risk of being forced to forfeit their current/next game (whichever is applicable).


  • The use of a ringer is strictly prohibited – the use of a ringer is defined as one player imitating another to disguise themselves. Regardless of whether both players are on the roster or if either player is not.
  • The penalty is an immediate default loss of the current match. If Tournament Staff deems it appropriate the offending team will also forfeit their next game(s).
  • Cheating is a broad catch-all statement and can be defined at Tournament Officials’ discretion at any time.
  • In short, it can be described as any attempt to gain an unfair advantage not within the spirit of the competition or within the rules of the game.
  • Cheating will often result in a game forfeit for the offending team. Stricter or more lenient punishments may be enacted by Tournament Officials depending on what is deemed appropriate in the context of any incidents.
  • Exploiting errors with game or hardware setup or configuration is not permitted, and any errors should be reported to a coach as soon as it is noticed.
  • Should a player knowingly abuse issues it will be considered cheating regardless of whether the exploit(s) were “available to all players”.


Finality of Decisions

  • The interpretation of the rules and regulations within this ruleset, and the game-specific rulesets lies with the Tournament organiser, or designated staff member should the Tournament organiser be unavailable at the time of the ruling.
  • The decisions of the Tournament Operator and of DI Events staff are final.

Broadcast and Media Rights

  • The broadcast rights of the DI Events matches are owned by Damage Incorporate. This not only includes the live broadcasts but also any video streaming, highlights and match replays.
  • DI Events (and by extension Damage Incorporate) reserve the right to use any photographic, audio or video content of participants and supporting members for use on their websites and promotional purposes.


  • The rules written in this document are generally overarching – any rule conflicts caused by the game-specific rulesets overwrite this document as they may be contextually more accurate or appropriate.

Prizes and Payment

  • All cash prizes will be issued to the team captain of the winning team solely through PayPal.
  • In the event, the winning team captain doesn’t have a PayPal account and is unwilling to create a PayPal for payment, the cash prize of the tournament will be nulled, and the winning team will not receive payment. If the event has other rewards such as in-game items, they will still receive these rewards.
  • Payments can take up to 7 full working days to process