Head of DI.Events Emma Guyan

gbr United Kingdom

She has 3 + Years experience in managing Tournaments in big LANs such as Insomnia and League Fest. As well as Esports Team Management and Event organisation being in her current Job.

– I first began Events in 2015 at Insomnia Gaming Festival. I’ve helped run multiple events since i55, my top position being Overwatch Manager, this meant I was in charge of Admins as well as the whole Overwatch Tournament. I handled over 20 teams at a time with big teams such as MnM and Blackout Gaming.

– My latest experience is in a company called BELONG. This is a Gaming and Esports company based in the UK. They have Arenas around the country as well as host an Esports Tournament, which is endorsed by companies such as Blizzard and Riot, in which I am a Team Manager. I also assist with the day to day runnings of the Arena as well and Publisher Activities. One of the Teams I currently manage are 4-time champions, we’re looking to make it a 5th!

– As for myself, you’ll find me joining in on a social Karaoke, in Overwatch Competitive or writing in my spare time. I enjoy being social and bringing my bubbly personality to any event.

League Manager Amar Junior

ita Italy

He has a passion for coaching teams and managing them, with 5+ years in LAN tournaments in various games. This has ultimately lead him here, to start an awesome platform where every pro player, or who want to be pro, can participate in and go head to head for greatness.