Valhalla League


Starting in April 2019, the Valhalla League is a DI.Community-exclusive league that gives the scenario of a professional gaming league, similar to those seen in the professional eSports level of a multitude of games such as League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League. The Valhalla League’s purpose is to give the dedicated and competitive players of DI.Community a chance to shine on a stage of their own, while competing against each other and bringing glory to their team and House.

The Valhalla League started out by introducing Rocket League as their first game, and in April 2019, Rocket League: Race to Valhalla, or the RLRV, was born. Both the staff of the Valhalla League and DI.Community as a whole are anticipating what lies ahead for the players.


For the RLRV Rules and Regulations, click here.

Specified Rules and Regulations for RLRV Season 1 – Europe:

10 spots, 2 for each house in DI.Community

If the spots won’t be filled by teams from their houses, teams from other houses can join

Deadline for the houses to register their teams: 31st March


Season Match days:

1st: 5th April Group Stage

2nd: 12th April Group Stage

3rd: 19th April Group Stage

Finals: 26th April

If you have any questions about anything, please contact Dalencon or CthulhusPriest for more information.


Prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 teams, and will be as followed:

1st Place – $30 in Rocket League Keys & Star of Valor 1st Class

2nd Place – $15 in Rocket League Keys & Star of Valor 2nd Class

3rd Place – $5 in Rocket League Keys & Star of Valor 3rd Class

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